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Friday, March 19, 2010

Santa Monica!

Nice sunny morning.. Wow!! A perfect day for a beach trip!
Why don't we just go to Santa Monica? Oh yes, few phone calls and messages, 2 pm and a group of 9 guys are off to the beach. (This is one good thing about planning with guys, they don't take much time to get ready :D ) .

"Santa Monica". Almost 2 hours of comfortable journey and we were almost rubbing our eyes for what we saw!

The beach was beautiful and was dusted with soft golden sand all around.. The warm sand gave a perfect sunbath after hearty playing in the water.

Playing in water, singing songs, doing weird exercises, making fun, ogling natural beauties and the sand mermaid.. the time just flew off!

Santa Monica is joined with Venice beach. There's a small entertainment area in between them, created right over the sea on a raised platform. Few cool rides, food joints add charm to the beaches in the evening.
A nice walk around the beach.. soothing sunset.. nice music in the background.. gives a divine feeling and surely freshens your mind!

An ideal trip for a summer evening!

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