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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hack for Draw Something (Infinite bombs in Draw Something)

Well, It has been lot of time i haven't been here. Today i got smthing interesting and thought of sharing. Theres a new app named Draw Something. It has done wonders winning awards all over the place and I love the app too!

But this is what happen when you are involve in anything so much. You tend to know it very well and I just found a small hack which eliminates the use of "bombs" from this app.

Q. What is a bomb in Draw Something?
A. Each player is given a number of "bombs." As a guesser, the bomb eliminates letters not part of the answer; as a drawer, the bomb gives them a new set of guess words to choose from.

How to eliminate the need of a bomb?

Step 1: Consider you have to guess something like this -

Note that you have the following alphabets -

Step 2: Close the app and Open it again.

Note the list of alphabets again -

Step 3: Compare and Eliminate non repeating words.

You can keep the same ones while eliminate the non repeated ones.

Now you are left with the exact jumbled alphabets to make the exact word!

Consider the non-eliminated words and try to form a word from it.