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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is it a good time to talk about brain-drain?

Been a long time I posted anything, guess I was waiting for something big to happen. 

Following news about the software industry in the US from past couple of years and it is interesting. 

Two software giants, Microsoft and Google have one thing in common now, both have an Indian guy as there CEO. 

Its a great news! Very proud to be an Indian and proud of these folks who are doing great stuff. These people are unknowingly representing India and making us all feel great. They deserve a big big congratulations! 
I think being a guy from another country, it must be really hard to travel across the world, be in a strange new place, with new people, culture, food and then through ur sheer knowledge and will to do something good, be part of the best firms and climb the ladder to take the top spot! Thinking like that makes me believe that this must be way harder than actually starting a company, isn’t it? Bottomline is, people like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai deserve more than just congratulation, they are real stars and role models for not just indian kids but every talented kid across the globe!

Well said that, On one side when I am all happy, proud and filled with love for India, on the other side I feel sad to see that India has lost such a good cream of talent! 

What would have India achieved if they could’ve used these people in India? This wud’ve-cud’ve might be a very cliched topic and people might have already talked on it, wrote books on it but my whole point is - When will the Indian government realize this fact, that we are producing some really good, talented people and they are leaving India for all good reasons!

Is it a right time to start talking about ‘Brain-drain’?