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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cricket - An entertainment industry.

"Pune and Kochi will be joining IPL in 2011".. "Saif-Kareena trying to buy an IPL team".. There is no prize to guess that Cricket - a sport - is becoming a part of Entertainment Industry.
Cricket, a game of sportsperson, a game of gentlemen, a game of talent .. is suddenly changed into a game of charm, a game for money, a game of Prosperity! The change is so sudden that its really hard to find out if its good or bad!

Stars from entertainment world are jumping in, Industrialists and businessmen are pouring money like a beer in the beer-fest. Cheergirls, DJ playing music in the stadium, super awesome prizes has not only attracted more and more people but also invited retired players to continue playing short version Cricket..

Can you hit the ball? Could be the only question asked to the batsmen. And no wonder people gets entertained by watching the actual game as being watching highlights.

All I can say is, Cricket has reminded us the fact - Bikti hai Duniya, Bechne wala chahiye ..
Thing to learn! Thing to remember!

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  1. Nice observation!!!
    Cricket has not remained gentle's men gam enow..and that is for sure..
    The lst generation of genetlemen is now heading towards its retiremnet..truly speaking only Sachin,Rahul Dravid,VVS laxman,Jaisurya and few more are there who still awe us with their demaneour.
    From now on we should be prepared to see jumping Miyandads,slapping Harbhajans and taunting Australians...
    Long live Cricket!!!