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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Canadian Visa..

Pravin mama invited me to visit his place and I cant tell you how excited I was.
The first thing to get was a 'Visa'.

Getting a US visa was an episode! Travelling to mumbai, staying at kaka's place, waking up early morning, looooong queue and 3 hours of waiting and controlling the 'morning pressure', series of security checks.. I had a very similar image for getting a canadian visa. But to my surprise everything was smooth as butter!

The only hiccup i got was a while taking a photo for visa.. I paid whooping $20 for printing a photograph of Canadian visa specifications (kaminey tera kabhi bhala na ho)!!

Apart from it, I just loved the process.. Only 2 people for managing ALL the visa applicants. A security guard and one visa interviewer.
Security guard gives you a token and Interviewer verifies documents and visa is approved in a day! WHY THIS CANT HAPPEN IN INDIA?! In spite of neglecting for many times, this thought still hoovered my mind.

Then the answer is so evident, Population! Just thinking of running a country with one billion people gives me a shiver in spine. Isn't it fascinating?

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