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Monday, November 11, 2013

Finally a new logo for Apple Maps.

Well, It now feels good to at least see an update on the apple maps logo.

As we all remember, the unfortunate debut of apple maps with 2012. It was introduced with a bang and failed horribly.

The failure was just not limited to the software! It was just not constrained to the agony the users faced when they landed in the middle on a freeway only to hear, "You have reached your destination!". It was extended till the front end and to be precise the logo of the app itself!

It was matter of discussion on many blogs, websites, and forums. How can such a blunder be passed with a company of this magnitude! 

But It is good to see, the software evolving, a stable release is now out. And more importantly, the logo which was unchanged so far is also (finally) updated! 

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