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Monday, February 14, 2011

Everybody needs a website.

Having a website is so important.
In fact it is becoming one of the necessities.
A personal website not only provides you an online space where you can host your work but also allows people all around the world to access your content 24x7!

It is the simplest and economical way to project your work.

But, How simple is to build a personal website?
What is required to build a website?

In simple words, A website can be defined to be made up of 2 things-
1) domain name.
2) file hosting server.

Domain name, is the name of the website you want.
for eg. "" is a domain name... All we type in the address bar while browsing is purchased by someone.
So, first thing while building a website is - Purchasing a domain name.

These days there are many options available in domain names. A domain name can end in .com, .edu, .org, .info, .mobi, .us, .net, and maybe couple of dozen more to this list.
But this is just to differentiate your website.
.com stands for company.
.edu stands for educational institute
.org for organizations and so on..
Now and makes sense!

This was the first step! Second step is to get a place where you can keep all your files and images and videos and stuff.

File Hosting Server, is a place where you keep all your files required for the website.
Files can include text files, .html pages, images, videos, css, flash files etc.

Once you have these two things ready you are all set to get a website up.

A web developer can take on from here and can build a website as you want.

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  1. Thanks for the info..
    This is the basic info everyone should know and no one tells..
    Keep it up and all the best.