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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Life. Learn. Live.

College life is the BEST span of life, memories of which lasts for lifetime. No need to mention we spend it as we want to! We make friends, we explore and we understand, we play and we fight, we laugh and we cry, we love and we cheat, we lose and we win and sometimes study too. We are free. Just like birds, isn’t it?

I can still remember the first spine shiver on the first day of college. Nervousness attending the first lecture. Getting scared while doing the first assignment. The first look at the girl in the gym.

But, soon the fear gets over. Confidence shines like a sun in a winter morning. We are more active and enthusiastic. Friends, Food, Fridays. We realize the importance of Beer. Projects, Assignments, Home Works and other activities help us explore new unknown directions. Sports acts just as a spice in the Indian curry.

But, suddenly there is time when we realize we are no longer the future of this world; we are the ‘present’!

Responsibility appears just like a girlfriend, completely unexpected! We love it for the first time, but will we be able to carry it till the end?

Will we be able to give back the society what we’d achieved from it?

Will the knowledge we earned be really be applied to what it is intended for? Or we will just follow the crowd?

Answers are with us. We just need to follow our heart!

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  1. We are no longer the future of this world; we are the ‘present’!

    awesome line~!
    Good Work.